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Student Financial Aid Programs

Johnston & Hayden has been dedicated to serving client’s participating in Student Financial Assistance Programs since 1979.

Johnston & Hayden is a full service accounting firm with a division dedicated to financial and compliance audits of Student Financial Assistance Programs as administered by the United States Department of Education.

Since its earliest involvement this division has performed audits and increasing services applicable to Student Financial Assistance Programs, and today services over forty clients.

The most common services provided Title IV participants are financial and compliance audits. We also perform fiscal audits for regulatory and accrediting agencies and have been accepted by the United States Department of Education to act in the capacity as an Escrow Agent for institutions placed under the reimbursement method of funding the Student Financial Assistance Programs.

Our firm is dedicated to remaining abreast of the ever-changing Federal Regulations regarding governmental accounting and auditing and Title IV programs and is in regular contact with the United States Department of Education in relation to matters concerning our clients.

In recent years our firm has been represented at numerous seminars concerning student financial aid. Of these, most notable were: U.S. Department of Education Seminars for Auditors; SFA Audit Seminar sponsored by Dr. Stephen Collins, author of “Student Financial Assistance, A Program for the Department of Education Audit Guide”, endorsed by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA); and Louisiana Governmental Accounting and Auditing Conference.

Our firm’s objective is to be both considerate of and sensitive to our client’s needs. This commitment to customer service combined with our experience and knowledge has resulted in a client retention and referral rate of which we are proud.