Our Services

Accounting Services

Johnston & Hayden’s accounting services staff provides a full range of accounting services including monthly, quarterly and annual general ledger maintenance and financial statements for your business.

An experienced and professional staff maintain accounting records, perform bank reconciliations, provide payroll services, prepare payroll and sales tax returns as well as annual tax reports and a multitude of related and special services.

In keeping with our desire to provide the best service available, our accounting staff develop an understanding of your business and its operations to better meet your goals and objectives. Johnston & Hayden gives you a professional accounting staff to meet your every accounting need. Our full range of accounting services include:

Bookkeeping Services

Meaningful, well-organized financial records provide the information to help your business operate more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation for managing a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you in establishing and maintaining your accounting information system.

Johnston & Hayden’s full range of ccounting services include:

  • General Ledger & financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
  • Payroll services
  • Business tax return preparation (Sales & Use/Business Property)

Payroll Services

A reliable, efficient payroll system is necessary to maintaining a happy work force and to complying with federal and state payroll reporting regulations.

Johnston & Hayden can help your growing business develop and implement a payroll system to meet all your needs and can provide many of the services you need such as:

  • Payroll processing
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Federal 941/940 preparation
  • State withholding/unemployment tax – reports – W-2 preparation – 1099 preparation

Sales Tax & Other Taxes

Many businesses are responsible for collecting and reporting local and state sales taxes, often to many different taxing bodies each with its own tax rate and method of reporting. We at Johnston & Hayden have years of experience in this area and are ready to assist your company in preparing your sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

Our professional staff is also familiar with and prepared to help you with many occupational, business and professional license applications and business property tax returns.

Audit & Attestation

Whether you need a reviewed financial statement for submission to your bank, a special attestation service to meet loan or regulatory requirements or a full scope financial statement or compliance audit Johnston & Hayden’s professional audit staff has over forty years of experience to place at your disposal.

Our audit staff has experience with businesses, governmental units, not for profits and individuals. An attestation engagement should be an opportunity for you to learn more about your business and your accounting system. Johnston & Hayden will work to make your examination a pleasant and profitable experience.

Financial reporting and attestation is provided on three levels of assurance:

  • Audit – an intensive examination providing the highest level of assurance
  • Review – analytical procedures conducted to provide limited assurance
  • Compilation – based upon client information, primarily for internal use add a.
Business Consulting

Every business, no matter how small or large, needs a professional management team to deal with the complexities of the modern business world. In this era of specialization few business owners can know all there is to know about operating even a small business.

For most businesses it is neither efficient nor cost effective to maintain a staff with the expertise and experience to provide for all contingencies the business may face. Johnston & Hayden has built a base of experience in successful business operations and has developed a network of professionals in fields ranging from financial planning and banking to risk management and construction.

We at Johnston & Hayden measure our success by the personal and business successes of our clients. We will serve you as together we develop and implement comprehensive, flexible strategies for the manageable, profitable growth of your business.

Cash Flow & Budgeting

A business experiences its best year ever and then goes out of business. One of the most dangerous times in the economic life of a growing business can be when sales are increasing and the company is growing.

We can assist you in monitoring your cash flow sources and uses and help develop a comprehensive plan to manage your growth to meet your company’s objectives.

Selection & Implementation of Accounting Software

Accounting software packages for small business are numerous and vary widely in the functions they provide. That variety only makes selecting the package that will meet your information needs and budget more difficult.

Our experienced staff will work with you to identify the information you need, analyze your accounting structure and the technical strengths and weaknesses of your staff to help you choose and implement the system that best fits your accounting needs.

Buying & Selling a Business

You can call on our experienced staff to guide you through the process of purchasing or selling a business. We are available to help structure the transaction taking into consideration tax implications and cash flow requirements.

You can also use our staff to make an objective analysis to place a reasonable value on the business and identify an expected rate of return.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Did you get a new job this year, start a new business, set up a home office, invest in the stock market, put aside money for retirement, retire, get married, get divorced, have a child, send a child to school, buy a house, sell a house, pay off your mortgage, take out a second mortgage, contribute to your favorite charity or go to the doctor? These are just a few of the more common tax events you may have encountered this year. If failing to plan is planning to fail then failing to plan for your business or personal taxes is planning to pay more than your fair share.

For some tax payers planning may be as simple as having a qualified professional, like the staff at Johnston & Hayden, assist in organizing your information and taking full advantage of the benefits available. For others tax planning may be more involved, requiring thoughtful consultation with a tax professional and detailed research to determine the most effective way for you to achieve your goals.

Tax Preparation

We at Johnston & Hayden make a significant investment in industry standard tax preparation software, research capabilities and continuing education that enable us to prepare your returns accurately & efficiently. Throughout our history clients have relied on our knowledge and expertise in preparing returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and non-for-profit organizations. Our e-Filing capabilities allow you to file your completed return quickly and efficiently to speed you refund on its way.

Once your return is filed Johnston & Hayden won’t disappear. We have years of experience dealing with taxing authorities and are available to assist you in dealing with any questions that may arise. We’re also available year round when changes in your life and your business bring up questions that can’t wait until your tax return is due.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an essential part of your overall personal and business strategy. You can use our expertise and knowledge of current developments in tax laws to minimize your tax liabilities.

Some of the factors your tax plan should consider are: A qualified retirement plan (401(k), SEP, etc.) can provide significant tax advantages. Our qualified staff can help evaluate how you can make the best use of your pension plan.

Selection of the most advantageous form of business for your company (S-corporation, limited liability company, sole proprietor, etc.) can have long-term tax implications. We can help you determine which form of business entity best suites you. Estate and gift planning can facilitate an orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries and provide security to your surviving spouse.

We can help guide you in setting your achieving your wishes. Many successful businesses are overcome by the costs involved in transferring the business to successors. Use our knowledge of tax and other financial matters to develop a sound strategy for continuing your business.